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Bioflow Magnetic 'Boost Kit'

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Bioflow Magnetic Boost Kit

Only £79.95

Bioflow Magnotherapy

The BOOST is the most versatile, technical, and user-friendly product of its type available anywhere today. The high performance Stomatex material is weather-proof and breathable.

The clever design of the components allow any, or all, of the three pairs of Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) modules to be positioned near to the centre of pain.

The kit contains 3 different length Stomatex belts (short, medium and long) and 3 pairs of powerful Bioflow CRP magnet modules enclosed in Velcro pouches enabling them to be positioned anywhere on the belts and applied directly to any part of the body.

Bioflow Boost Kit



Bioflow Magnetic Boost Kit

Ideal for the treatment of back & muscle pain. This product should ideally be used in conjuction with one of the Bioflow bracelets or wristbands for a full whole body approach to pain management and well-being.

Unique CRP Neodymium Magnets

High performance Stomatex£
Versatile and simple to use
Three belts, six magnets
Soft and comfortable
Focused magnet therapy
Magnetic properties guaranteed for life

Bioflow Magnetic Boost Kit

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