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Bioflow Magnetic Boost Kits

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Bioflow Boost products designed to enhance, focus and boost the powerful benefits of Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands. The range includes Boost Buttons for concentrated magnotherapy at specific points on the body, including acupuncture points, the remarkable Boost Kit for applying focused magnet therapy for specific injures and the versatile Biopad Boost. Each of these products is designed to be used in conjuction with the Bioflow bracelets, wristbands and collars for those that want an extra boost of power.

Bioflow Boost Kit

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The Bioflow BOOST kit is the most versatile, technical, and user-friendly product of its type available anywhere today. The clever design of the components allow any, or all, of the three pairs of Bioflow CRP magnetic modules to be positioned anywhere on the body.

This Bioflow uses genuine Stomatex; the most advanced material used by leading specialist sports manufacturers who know that performance counts.

Stomatex is a breathable, flexible neoprene that is bonded with a soft outer material providing the ultimate in comfort and adaptability.

The three belts can be worn independently or, by utilising the supplied joiners, a harness can be made to ensure the Bioflow CRP modules stay exactly where you want them - near to the centre of pain.

Now only £79.95.

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