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Bioflow Magnetic Cat Collar

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Bioflow Magnetic Cat Collar

Only £19.95

Bioflow Magnotherapy

The BIOFLOW CAT COLLAR contains a powerful Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) module attached to an adjustable Lycra collar.

The collar includes an elasticated insert and a removeable bell. The most effective magnetic cat collar available today.

Bioflow use the latest powerful Neodymium magnetic modules incorporating the patented CRP magnet technology designed to apply a unique pattern of magnetic fields to the body.

One size fits all Bioflow Magnetic Products
Elasticated insert
Removeable bell
Fully adjustable
Soft Lycra material
Patented CRP module

The ultimate cat collar.

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device (Europe)

Bioflow Cat Collar




Bioflow Cat Collar

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Bioflow Cat Collar
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