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Bioflow Classic Magnetic Wristband

ONLY £34.95

Bioflow Classic


Special Offer Price £34.95

Bioflow Magnotherapy

Designed to meet the needs of practicality and fashion as well as being suitable for people of all ages. The unique single Bioflow CRP module is a ceramic rare earth Neodymium magnet contained within a stepped keeper to deliver a uniform Central Reverse Polarity.

The module is housed within a non-allergenic plastic case and is attached to a strap that fastens using Velcro.

Bioflow use the latest powerful Neodymium magnetic modules incorporating the patented Central Reverse Polarity multi-directional magnet technology designed to apply a unique pattern of magnetic fields.

One size fits all for wrist size up to 21cm.

Bioflow Classic




Unique CRP Neodymium magnet

Practical design
Velcro Fastener
One Size
Bioflow magnet therapy
Magnetic properties guaranteed for life

The Classic should be worn with the magnetic module on the inside of the wrist, near the pulse area. The comfortable woven fabric strap is available in black only.

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