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Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar

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Bioflow Dog Collar

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Bioflow Dog Collar





Bioflow Dog Collar





Bioflow Dog Collar





Bioflow Dog Collar




Bioflow Magnotherapy

The BIOFLOW DOG COLLAR contains a powerful Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) module attached to an adjustable webbing collar. The most effective magnetic dog collar available on the market today.

Bioflow use the latest powerful Neodymium magnetic modules incorporating the patented Central Reverse Polarity multi-directional magnet technology designed to apply a unique pattern of magnetic fields.

Unique CRP Neodymium Magnet Bioflow Magnetic Products
Strong woven nylon webbing material
Twin-lock secure buckle
Fully adjustable in two sizes
'D' ring *
Four colours, two sizes
Magnetic properties guaranteed for life

The Bioflow module should be fitted near the pulse in the neck around the throat area under the chin although it is usual for the module to move around the neck. For dogs with thick fur/hair the Bioflow should be fitted as close to the skin as possible but should not be restrictively tight. If necessary part the hair, or clip it at the point of contact. Please ensure plenty of drinking water is available.

Dogs tend to respond quickly and favourably to Bioflow magnet therapy. Countless letters have been received from delighted owners that tell of their pets enjoying a new lease of life, as well as relief from many painful complaints (such as arthritis and joint & muscle stiffness) and accelerating the healing of wounds.

The Bioflow dog collar may be used with animals who carry a microchip where the chip is inserted at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades.

* The collar is designed as a therapeutic device and is not intended for use as a restraining collar.

BioflowSmall for neck size up to 45cm.
Large for neck size up to 65cm.

The ultimate dog collar.

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Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device (Europe)

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Bioflow Dog Collar
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