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Bioflow 'Duet' Magnetic Bracelet

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Bioflow Duet Magnetic Bracelet

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Bioflow Magnotherapy

The Bioflow DUET is an attractive stainless steel magnetic bracelet with twin Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) modules and a beautiful contrast of polished and matt silver & gold.

The contemporary styling and unisex design of the Duet make this one of the most popular Bioflow bracelets.

Bioflow use the latest powerful Neodymium magnetic modules incorporating the patented Central Reverse Polarity multi-directional magnet technology designed to apply a unique pattern of magnetic fields.

Please refer to the User Guidelines and FAQs for further information about the full range of Bioflow bracelets.

Bioflow Duo




Unique CRP Neodymium magnets

Stylish unisex design
Stainless steel two-tone finish
Two sizes
Bioflow magnet therapy
Magnetic properties guaranteed for life

Popular with both men and women. This band should be worn with the magnets on the underside of the wrist close to the main artery. The bracelet can be adjusted by squeezing from the sides for a comfortable fit. The powerful magnets do not need to be touching the skin or each other, or the artery through the skin nor do they need to be exactly over the artery.

Standard sizes:
Medium for wrist size 15cm to 18cm
Large for wrist size 18cm to 20cm

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Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

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