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Will Bioflow help with my particular problem?

Bioflow Magnotherapy

Bioflow is a whole body approach to pain management and well-being, it is not targeted at specific ailments.  Bioflow is, of course, natural and drug free and may be used over the long term without side-effects.

Although there is no guarantee of a successful result, most customers report benefits such as the alleviation of aches and pains, increased energy, a general feeling of well-being, improved sleep patterns and improved digestion.

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Can I get a replacement strap for my wristband? Replacement straps are available for the Explorer2 and Executive wristbands only.

Replacement straps are NOT available for older Bioflow models and we do not offer a repair service for the wristbands or bracelets.
Can my Bioflow bracelet be repaired?
We do not offer a repair or refurbishment service for Bioflow bracelets or wristbands.

If your Bioflow was purchased directly from Ecomagnets and is still under guarantee please contact us for service under the warranties supplied with your purchase.

The Customer Loyalty Trade-in Scheme has been discontinued.
Can I replace a lost module? The Bioflow modules (magnets) are not available seperately. We do not offer a repair service for Bioflow wristbands or bracelets.
Which Bioflow should I buy?

All Bioflow wristbands and bracelets have similar magnetic properties, and will provide similar benefits.

The configuration of magnets varies depending on how each product is designed to be worn and you may expect similar results from any product in the range.
Is Bioflow water-proof?

Bioflow wristbands and bracelets are described as water-resistant, they are not  water-proof.

The magnetic properties will not be damaged by water, however, repeated immersion in water may cause surface rust to appear on the module casing. Water damage is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Salty or chlorinated water may affect the surface finish. Bioflow wristbands and bracelets should be removed when bathing or swimming.
What is the Gauss rating for Bioflow magnets?

The rating for the standard Bioflow module is 2000+ gauss (cumulative).

Bioflow modules are bi-polar and use a unique, patented magnet technology called Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) which simulates the pulsed alternating poles of an electro-magnet but in a static magnet that does not require a power supply or generate electro-magnetic resonance.

This technology generates a unique, powerful, focused magnetic field.

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How often should I replace my Bioflow magnet?

Bioflow magnet modules are high quality Neodymium and carry a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

The fade rate is estimated at less than 1% over 90 years. Unlike cheap magnets, Bioflow modules do not  need to be replaced.
How should I wear my Bioflow? Please click here for the User Guidelines.
How does Bioflow work? Please click here for further information.
Will Bioflow work for me?

Bioflow is not a "magic cure", and the products are sold without any guarantee of success, but the experience of many thousands of customers suggests that it is possible to get remarkable results with both people and animals.

The fact that animals so often benefit does suggest that it is not just "in the mind".
How quickly can I expect results?

Results may be noticed with hours or days, but it will usually take some weeks for significant benefits to be felt, so please be patient. It may take up to three months for the full benefit to be realised.

Please drink plenty of water during the first few weeks to assist with the detox process that is encouraged by wearing a Bioflow.

Please do try the products for at least 90 days before deciding if you have benefited.

Are there any side effects?








Do not wear Bioflow if fitted with a heart pacemaker, insulin pump or other electronic medical device that could be affected by a magnetic field. In all cases if in doubt, please consult your medical practitioner.

Bioflow is completely safe to use. Very occasionally a customer will report mild "flu like" symptons, and rarely slight dizziness or nausea when first wearing the Bioflow. This is nothing to worry about, it is actually the start of Bioflow going to work and is experienced by a minority of people.

Those that experience some of these mild detox symptoms are often those that benefit the most from Bioflow in the long term.

If you experience this simply wear the Bioflow only when you go to sleep at night for a few nights. Within a few days your body should have got used to the change and you will be able to wear it normally.

Please drink plenty of water, particularly during the first few weeks to assist with the detox that Bioflow may encourage.

Joint replacements and surgical plates & screws are not affected by Bioflow, it is entirely safe to use Bioflow with these devices.

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