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Stress and inflammation (together with the resulting pain experienced by many sports people and fitness enthusiasts) may cause an excess of lactic acid to be produced by the body.

The importance of maintaining the correct pH balance is vital to the life of cells in the body - but the pH level of a cell can only be neutralised by the movement of electrons in and out of the cell. Therefore an acidic cell (low pH) can be neutralised by accepting electrons, and an alkaline cell (high pH) can be neutralised by donating electrons.

Without the movement of electrons, pH levels cannot change and the benefits are not felt.

Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) magnets are superior to any other static magnet because they are specifically designed to move electrons. It is important to choose a high quality CRP magnet. Bioflow magnotherapy products are the only modules which use Central Reverse Polarity magnets specifically designed to apply the magnetic fields to the body.

Many sporting injuries/conditions are the result of excess lactic acid production. This has a detrimental effect on the body's pH balance and triggers the brain to respond as pain.

By increasing the circulation to and around an injury site, pain can be alleviated and the healing process accelerated.

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

Customer Comments:
"...  I would like to report that after only 30 days of wearing my Bioflow I have experienced several benefits of its use.

I have been in the sport of athletics for over thirty years and represented Great Britain and Wales at major championships. During the last ten years or so I have had several injury problems resulting in short and long term lay offs from running.

I am convinced that had I been introduced to Bioflow I would have experienced recovery earlier and easier. Over the past few weeks or so I have felt better and more relaxed, the Bioflow is working. I have not felt the need to visit the physio, take pills or contemplate going to the doctor with any of my problems.

I am currently the England cross country team coach and manager and during the course of my duties with teams at home and abroad, would have no hesitation but to recommend to any of my charges the Bioflow products with the message, no arguing, just buy one..."

Ron McAndrew (Coach & England Team Manager)

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