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Bioflow Blood FlowBioflow Magnotherapy

Bioflow is a whole body approach to pain management and well-being, the therapy is not targeted at specific ailments. Although there is no guarantee of a successful result, many customers report benefits ranging from small but worthwhile alleviation of symptoms to incredible changes in the quality of their life.

All Bioflow wristbands and bracelets have similar magnetic properties, and will provide similar benefits. The configuration of magnets varies depending on how each product is designed to be worn but you may expect similar results from any product in the range.

We suggest you wear your Bioflow continually, day & night, for at least 3 months or until you feel a benefit and then either during the day or at night, whatever you find most effective. Bioflow wristbands and bracelets may be worn continuously over the long term without ill effect. Some people have found the unit works better on one wrist than the other so please experiment to determine what works best for you.

Benefits will sometimes be noticed within hours or days, but normally it may take some weeks or even months for significant benefits to be felt, so please be patient. The full benefit of Bioflow may not be realised for up to three months.

The Classic wristband is designed to be worn with the magnetic module on the inside of the wrist near the pulse. The Classic is not water-proof and should be removed when bathing or swimming. Cleaning is possible with a damp cloth.

The relay model wristbands such as the Explorer2 and Executive contain a second relay magnet in the strap which pulls the magnetic field deep in to the wrist.

These models may be worn with the main module on either side of the wrist, but for some people may be more effective if the main module is worn over the pulse area.

Bioflow wristbands are described as water-resistant, they are not water-proof and should be removed when bathing or swimming.

The Duo, Duet, Monet, twin module bracelets are designed to fit loosely on the wrist like a bangle. These products should be worn with the magnetic modules on the inside of the wrist.

Adjustment is possible by squeezing the bangle from the sides avoiding putting too much pressure on the modules themselves. The modules do not need to be touching the skin or each other. Simply adjust the bangle to a size that you find comfortable. These bangles are not described as water-proof. Chlorinated or salt water may affect the surface finish.

The Elite relay model also contain a relay magnet in the bracelet so these may also be worn with the main magnetic module on either side of the wrist. These products should be removed when bathing or swimming. The Elite  is fully adjustable, has removable links and is suitable for continuous everyday wear.

The Pirouette has two larger modules, they are designed to fit loosely and revolve around the wrist. Additional links for the Pirouette are available on request.

The versatile Boost kit can be applied almost anywhere on the body. e.g. All three wraps can be worn on different parts of the body with twin magnetic modules on each wrap, or one wrap with all three twin magnetic modules in position. The boost products should be used in conjuction with one of the Bioflow wristbands or bracelets.

Bioflow magnetic dog collar.

For dogs with thick fur/hair the Bioflow should be fitted as close to the skin as possible, but should not be restrictively tight. If necessary part the hair, or clip it at the point of contact.

The active part should be fitted near the pulse in the neck around the throat area under the chin although it is usual for the module to move around the neck. The collar is designed as a therapeutic device and is not intended for use as a restraining collar. Please ensure plenty of drinking water is availble.

click here for Bioflow dog collars.

Bioflow magnetic horse boots and tendon wrapsFor horses & ponies the boots can be applied, as a pair, to the tendon area either on the front or hind legs. The Boots are made from a breathable material, however, to avoid discomfort due to heat build up and sweat, the boots should be removed and wiped clean every 12 hours or so, they may also be alternated between the front and back legs every 12 hours or so to avoid discomfort. Continuous use is acceptable provided the animal is closely monitored.

The boots may be used when the horse is stabled or turned out but to avoid the possibility of friction sores are not recommended for use during vigorous exercise.

The boots and wraps should be cleaned with a soft brush to remove surface dirt, they may also be washed by hand in warm soapy water as required.

For all animals always ensure plenty of drinking water is available.

click here for Bioflow Horse Boots.

Bioflow Blood FlowVery occasionally a customer will report slight light-headedness or mild flu like symtpoms when first wearing their Bioflow. This is nothing to worry about, it is actually the start of Bioflow going to work and is experienced by a minority of people.

If you experience this, simply wear you Bioflow at night only for a few days or until the symptoms pass. Within a few nights your body should have got used to the change and you will be able to wear it normally.

In general, customers who experience some of the mild detox symptoms are very often those that benefit the most from Bioflow in the long term.

From day one get into the habit of drinking at least 6 glasses of water per day, preferably magnetised this will help speed the detox process and enable you to benefit from your Bioflow more rapidly.

Do not wear Bioflow if fitted with a heart pacemaker, insulin pump or other electronic medical device that could be affected by a magnetic field.

We are not aware of any contra-indications with the use of Bioflow, however, magnetic products are not recommended for use during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Strong magnetic fields can affect sensitive electronic equipment. The Bioflow module is shielded on the outside to minimise the effect of the magnetic field on the surroundings and to focus the field towards the body, the active part of the module should not be in close contact with any equipment that may be sensitive to a magnetic field. Computers should not be affected whilst the module is on the wrist but the active part of the module should not be in direct contact with computer hardware.

Please remember that all Bioflow products are supplied without any form of guaranteed success and there is no substitute for qualified medical advice, so please consult a medical practitioner if you are in any doubt about using your Bioflow.

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