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Bioflow 'Windsor' Magnetic Wristband

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Bioflow Windsor Magnetic Wristband

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Bioflow Windsor - Silicone




Bioflow Windsor - Leather



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The BIOFLOW WINDSOR is new for 2014. This sleek unisex wristband includes three Bioflow CRP modules, matt stainless steel casing and a carbon fibre inlay. Sleek and ultra-modern it is exceptionally comfortable to wear and maintains the unique power of Bioflow CRP magnet technology.

This sleek three magnet design, plus in the leather model an integral relay magnet in the buckle to pull the main magnetic field deeper into the wrist, is available with either an ultra-modern silicone strap or a sleek soft leather strap.

Bioflow use the latest powerful Neodymium magnetic modules incorporating the patented Central Reverse Polarity multi-directional magnet technology designed to apply a unique pattern of magnetic fields.

3 x CRP Neodymium magnets

Integral relay magnet
Unisex ultra-modern design
Silicone or leather strap
Carbon fibre inlay
Magnets guaranteed for life
Standard sizes:
Standard long strap for wrist size 13cm to 17cm
- The strap is 15mm wide.

Standard  X long strap for wrist size 17cm to 20cm
- The strap is 15mm wide.

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

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Bioflow Windsor - Silicone

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