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Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

"The magnetic therapy that changes lives"

Bioflow Magnotherapy

Bioflow magnetic bracelets use the most powerful Neodymium magnetic material available. Using the unique CRP magnet  technology they produce a unique high strength bi-polar multi-directional magnetic field with maximum power and depth of penetration. The modules never need replacing and carry a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

These remarkable and unique magnetic bracelets and wristbands are stylish, affordable and effective.

Health & Well-being

Magnet therapy has been well documented in recent years by the many people who have undeniably benefited from its use. Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands are used by customers worlwide.

Bioflow Blood FlowThere are any number of static magnets on the market of varying strength, making all sorts of claims, however Bioflow is the only product that uses the patented CRP magnet technology.

Bioflow magnotherapy is used to apply magnetic fields to the blood flow. Bioflow is not a cure and does not treat specific ailments or illnesses, however, customers report benefits ranging from small but worthwhile alleviation of symptoms to incredible changes in the quality of their life.

Bioflow for Sports & Fitness

Bioflow magnetic bracelets are used by amateur and professional athletes (including Olympic athletes), sports people and fitness enthusiasts.

Bioflow Magnetic Technology

Bioflow are high-tech, high-quality powerful magnetic bracelets which should not be confused with metal or copper bracelets or other conventional ordinary magnetic products. Bioflow is unique, original, and the most effective magnotherapy product available.

Bioflow are the only magnetic bracelets with patented multidirectional  'Central Reverse Polarity' (CRP) magnet technology providing bi-polar magnetic fields which mimic the pulsed effect and alternating poles of the electromagnetic equipment used in hospitals giving similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Bioflow is the only magnotherapy module available which is specifically designed for the application of magnetic fields to the body.

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stylish and affordable
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recommended by doctors & therapists

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

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Ecoflow plc. Ecomagnets is an independent Ecoflow distributor for Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands including the Bioflow Reflex, Bioflow Alpha, Bioflow Classic, Bioflow Active, Bioflow Adventure, Bioflow Explorer, Bioflow Ultra, Bioflow Executive, the range includes magnetic bracelets including the Bioflow Duo, Bioflow Duet, Bioflow Monet, Bioflow Elite, Bioflow Finesse, Bioflow Pirouette. Bioflow magnotherapy and magnet therapy and magnetic therapy and magnetic bracelets, magnetic dog collar and magnetic cat collar and Bioflow magnetic horse boots. Other magnetic devices include the Ecoflow magnetic water conditioners, the H2flow and Vitaflow, and Ecoflow magnetic fuel saver devices such as the Motoflow and Thermoflow. Bioflow, H2flow, Thermoflow and Motoflow are registered trademarks of Ecoflow plc.