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Magnetic Back Support

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Magnetic Back Support

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20 domed ceramic magnets

Back Pain Relief

Designed to provide support for lower BACK and HIPS. This Neoprene remedial support includes 20 high density domed permanent ceramic magnets that are positioned either side of the spine.

The magnetic fields are designed to interact and bounce off each other blanketing the entire lumbar region with the therapeutic magnet therapy.

The support includes double overlapping belts for perfect compression and a flexible boned interior structure for support. The design allows full freedom of movement when sitting or standing and provides the ideal support for the lower back, and when worn lower will support the hips.

Magnetic Back Support





Designed to target lower BACK & HIPS.

                Magnetic Back Support

20 domed ceramic magnets up to 1000 gauss each.
Double layer overlapping belts for compression.
Quality Neoprene material, quilted and padded.
Boned flexible interior structure.
Fully adjustable elasticated strapping.
Can be worn 24/7 if required.

Directions: Firmly wrap the Neoprene support around your back until you have good supportive compression, the magnets will then be in the correct position, then simply adjust the outer elasticated straps with the Velcro fasteners for the second layer of support.

Small for waist size up to: 40" (102cm)
Large for waist size up to: 50" (127cm)

Please refer to the user guidelines for usage information.

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