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Magnetic Insoles

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Magnetic Insoles

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Magnetic Insoles

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patented magnetic grid

Magnetic Insoles

The original POWERSTRIDES. Powerstrides are shoe inner soles with a flexible magnetic compound which runs through the entire length of the sole.

Magnetic insole. Non-slip, pliable and comfortable. The patented magnetic grid covers the entire sole with no lumps, bumps or hard places. Covers every reflexology point.

Safe, natural and easy to use. Simply cut to size if necessary and place inside shoe.

A best selling product with over 250,000 sold.

Magnetic Insoles





Designed to target FEET.

Magnetic Insoles

Patented non-slip magnetic grid covers the entire foot.
Soft, comfortable and flexible.
Easily cut to size if required.
Can be worn 24/7 if required.
Sizes:   UK / AUS EU US
  Small 2 - 6 35 - 40 5 - 7
  Medium 6 - 10 40 - 44 7 - 11
  Large 10 - 13 44 - 47 11 - 14

   Magnetic Insoles   

The easiest way to cut to size, if required, is to stand on the insole and draw around your foot  – then simply cut both length and width.

Please refer to the user guidelines for usage information.

Magnetic Insoles

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Magnetic Insoles
Magnetic Insoles
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