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Magnetic Mattress Covers, Magnetic Pillow & Chair Covers

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Magnetic Mattress & Pillow Covers

Magnetic Mattress Covers, Magnetic Underblankets & Magnetic Pillow/Chair Pads

High quality, long lasting, quilted & padded magnetic underblankets & pads available in a range of sizes for multipurpose use. The pads and mattress covers include high density domed ferrite magnets, 800/1000 gauss each.

Hypo-allergenic Magnetic Chair Pad
Deep penetration.
Permanent, durable magnets.
A long lasting investment.
Fully padded and quilted.

The Pillow Pad is designed to fit snugly into your pillowcase, on top of your pillow to allow the magnets to gently bathe you as you sleep.

The Chair Pad is a larger version of the Pillow Pad for king size pillows and for use on top of your favourite chair or in the car.

The Travel Pad is larger still, ideal as a travel mattress cover or for use on the sofa or your favourite chair.

The Mattress Pads/Underblankets are available for a single bed, double bed and king size. Designed to cover the entire mattress and bathe your body in a soothing magnetic field all night long.

Pillow Pad: 18 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£39.95 Size: 30  x  48 cm  (12"  x   18")
Out of stock.
Chair/Pillow Pad: 30 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£49.95 Size: 35  x  70 cm  (14"  x   28")
Out of stock.
Travel Pad: 80 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£89.95 Size: 60  x  90 cm  (24"  x   36")
Out of stock.
Single Mattress Cover: 300 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£179.95 Size: 90  x  180 cm  (36"  x   72")
Out of stock.
Double Mattress Cover: 500 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£229.95 Size: 128  x  180 cm  (50"  x   72")
Out of stock.
King Mattress Cover: 600 x High Density Ceramic Magnets
£279.95 Size: 145  x  195 cm  (58"  x   78")

Please note:
Mattress covers are a made-to-order item. Currently unavailable.

Please refer to the user guidelines for usage information.

Magnetic Pads



Pillow Pad:  £39.95
Chair Pad: £49.95
Travel Pad: £89.95


Magnetic Mattress Covers



Single Mattress Cover: £179.95
Double Mattress Cover: £229.95
King Mattress Cover: £279.95



Magnetic Mattress Cover

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