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Magnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic Water Conditioner - The Facts

Magnetic Water Conditioner


EcoMagnet Magnetic Hard-Water Treatment.

Simple to fit, no power supply required, lifetime warranty.

The EcoMagnet™ magnetic water conditioner provides constant magnetically treated water. No power supply required, no maintenance, no pipes to cut, no running costs.


Hard water and lime scale affect 60% of UK households costing hundreds of pounds in reduced energy efficiency. Although billions have been spent to ensure that drinking water complies with EU standards, little has been done about hard water.

The problems associated with hard water are the result of the natural water supply filtering through sedimentary rock and the water absorbing additional minerals.

These minerals form chemical complexes which form layers of scale in plumbing and appliances. Just 6mm of lime scale (an average of 4 years accumulation) may reduce energy efficiency by up to 40%.

For the average household that could mean considerable extra fuel costs. Add to that extra cleaning products, chemicals to soften the water, reduced appliance life, increased maintenance and the true cost of hard water is revealed.


Water softeners are designed to remove the complexes that cause hardness. Water passes through the softener containing resin beads which attract the complexes and are cleaned with chemicals.

Magnetic Water Conditioner  

  no running costs or maintenance
  no power supply required
  powerful permanent magnets
  4 pole magnet technology
  easily DIY fitted, no pipes to cut
  life-time guarantee
It is recommended that households fitted with a water softener should leave at least one tap connected to the rising main to provide safe drinking and cooking water. There is growing concern over this type of softener, the chemicals used become yet another 'waste' product disposed into the ecosystem.

The installation costs are likely to be high compared to a static magnet system and annual costs may include an amount for salt and electricity. Installations must comply with local bylaws so the water company may need to be informed of the installation.


Conditioning water through a strong, focused magnetic field is a form of magnetically induced ionisation (IMI) known as Magnetohydrodynamics. Without the magnetic field chemical complexes contained within the water are free to attract and bond to adjacent surfaces causing the familiar lime scale.

However, when the complexes are broken down in a magnetic field they take on a charge and act as crystalline centres that allow them to remain in suspension instead of forming scale on the surfaces.


The essential natural minerals are still in the water but are held in suspension. It is because of this that most people consider that magnetically treated water 'feels' softer. Less detergent and soap is needed and often the film on the water surface is reduced. The water is not softened, all the minerals essential to healthy drinking water are maintained.


Magnetic water conditioners do not remove any of the natural minerals contained in the water that are essential to health. In the Far East (especially Japan) and more recently in America people are drinking magnetically treated water as it may help the digestive system and allows the waste toxins to be removed more efficiently through the kidneys.

It is also possible that drinking soft water, with high levels of sodium, may cause an elevated sodium level. High salt (sodium) intake may be linked to a variety of health problems. Magnetically conditioned water does not have an increased sodium level.


Some magnetic water conditioners require a constant power supply from the mains while others, such as the EcoMagnet™, use static magnet technology.

The mains powered type use a wire coiled around one of the water pipes to produce an electro-magnetic field. There are of course some running cost associated with this type of magnet and there is growing concern about introducing more electro-magnetic waves in the home and work place.

Magnetic Water Conditioner

The EcoMagnet™ uses static magnets which do not produce electro-magnetic radiation and have no running costs.

The EcoMagnet™ uses the latest 4 pole magnet technology to emulate the pulsed alternating poles of an electromagnet but in a static magnetic module that does not require a power supply.

The EcoMagnet™ is a natural solution. It will never need recharging nor cost anything to run or maintain.

The EcoMagnet™ can be fitted in minutes without special knowledge or tools, it is simply strapped to the water pipe using the supplied nylon ties.

The EcoMagnet™ uses no salts, chemicals or power. The sodium level of the water is not increased and the natural minerals are retained. The consumption of washing powder and soaps is usually reduced while swimming pools and spas stay cleaner with smaller quantities of chlorine and purifiers.

Results will vary, depending on the water system, water flow and water type in each household. The water conditioner carries a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties and a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

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