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Magnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic Water Conditioner


EcoMagnet Magnetic Hard-Water Treatment.

Simple to fit, no power supply required, lifetime warranty.

The EcoMagnet™ magnetic water conditioner provides constant magnetically treated water. No power supply required, no maintenance, no pipes to cut, no running costs.

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Manufactured with high-grade ferrite magnets with an alternating four pole configuration, resin shell.  Size: 98 x 32 x 38 mm.

Suitable for all non-ferrous pipes including copper, plastic, rubber and aluminium, and all pipe sizes up to 22mm.

The EcoMagnet™ is a powerful static magnet that uses the latest magnet technology in high-grade ferrite magnetic material.

This powerful static magnet employs a 4 pole configuration emulating the pulsed alternating poles of an electronic unit.

EcoMagnetThe water passes through 4 alternating fields so the magnetic water conditioner mimics electronic units, but without the continual running costs, unsightly wiring and complicated installation. The EcoMagnet™ does not emit any electromagnetic radiation.

The EcoMagnet magnetic water conditioner can be DIY fitted in minutes without special knowledge or tools, it is simply strapped to the water pipe using the supplied ties.

Magnetic Water Conditioner  

  no running costs or maintenance
  no power supply required
  powerful permanent magnets
  4 pole magnet technology
  easily DIY fitted, no pipes to cut
  life-time guarantee
The unit can be easily fitted to pipework that is clipped to the wall and provides a powerful alternating 4 pole magnetic field that is focused on the centre of the pipe and shielded on the outside.

Magnetic Water ConditionerFitting Instructions:

The EcoMagnet™ for domestic use should be fitted on the rising main, after the stopcock, where water enters the home (often under the kitchen sink), before any branches or joints.

For best results and if water remains in a loft storage tank for more than 24 hours, fit a second unit on the cold water tank exit pipe. 

For larger properties additional boost units should be fitted to the direct feed to the hot water cylinder and individual appliances or individual utility rooms/bathrooms as required, (see the special offer triple pack above).  

The EcoMagnet™ is suitable for standard pipe sizes up to 22mm.

Results will vary, depending on the water system, water flow and water type in each household. The water conditioner carries a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties and a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

I have one fitted in my house in Spain. It does everything you say it does

Mr M J Orton

I purchased a magnetic water conditioner from you and so far it has been terrific.

Mrs E O Hall

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Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetic Properties




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