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Magnetic Back Support
Magnetic joint & body supports include high quality permanent ceramic domed magnets. Each product is designed with the optimum number and strength of magnetic module. Modules range in strength but are typically 1000/1400 gauss. The Neodymium magnetic discs are 12300 gauss.
Please note:
Magnetic products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field. In general Titanium implants and joint replacements are not affected.

Magnets should not be in close contact with any equipment that may be sensitive to a magnetic field. The modules should not be in direct contact with computer hardware.

We are not aware of any contra-indications with the use of magnet therapy, however, magnetic products are not recommended for use during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Please remember that all magnetic products are supplied without any form of guaranteed success and there is no substitute for qualified medical advice, so please consult a medical practitioner if you are in any doubt about using your magnetic products.
Magnetic body / joint supports use Neoprene, a durable, breathable, flexible rubber compound that provides excellent support and heat retention. Magnetic body / joint supports are not water-proof and should be removed when bathing or swimming. They are not suitable for washing machine or tumble dryer. Please wash by hand and air-dry.
Mattress pads use domed Ferrite magnets. Designed to provide a full spread of magnetic fields without "hotspots". These modules have a life in excess of 20 years, they use the latest technology and have been developed from ongoing research from all over the world

Magnetic Mattress Cover

Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic insoles do not contain individual magnets but have a patented magnetic grid that covers the entire sole without lumps, bumps or hard spots.

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