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The Magneton

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The Magneton
The Magneton is a hand-held portable cordless magnetic massager.

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Magnetic Fields.

The Magneton generates a strong magnetic field. The unit is completely safe for people and animals. However, it is NOT suitable for use by, on or near customers fitted with any medical electronic implant such as electronic heart pacemakers, electronic insulin pumps, electronic defibrillators. In general Titanium implants and joint replacements are not affected.

The Magneton should not be used in close proximity with computer hardware (18ins). When switched off the Magneton does not generate any magnetic fields.


We are not aware of any contra-indications with the use of magnet therapy, however, as a natural safeguard the Magneton is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Please remember that all magnetic products are supplied without any form of guaranteed success and there is no substitute for qualified medical advice, so please consult a medical practitioner if you are in any doubt about using your Magneton.
What is the Magneton?

The Magneton is a magnetic field therapy device developed to relieve pain and hasten the repair of damaged tissue.

It is a portable hand-held device, in the shape of torch, that is held next to or horizontally over the body at the site of pain, injury or imbalance. It is the elongated upper rotating casing of the Magneton that emits the magnetic fields, (the end of cap).

The Magneton can be used for any type of pain, inflammation or injury.
How to use your Magneton.

Using gentle sweeping strokes, simply move the Magneton freely over the affected area. A slight vibration is built into the Magneton but it is not the vibration that benefits the cells. The vibration simply produces the gentle comfort factor of 'touch'.

It is the extraordinary depth of the magnetic field emitted by the Magneton that brings the results.

The pulsed electro-magnetic field has a depth of penetration of approximately 45cm (18 inches).
Sensitive areas.

If the area to be treated is sensitive to touch (e.g. burns or cuts), simply use the Magneton 10-15cm (4-6ins) above the skin. Due to the depth of penetration of the magnetic field the Magneton is effective when used either above the skin or when in contact with the body

The magnetic field is effective through clothing, bandages and plaster casts.

The Magneton is best used for around 5 minutes at a time, 2 - 3 times daily until relief is obtained. Thereafter, it can be used intermittently for preventative treatment as required.

The Magneton has two speeds: (1) Slow and (2) Fast which is selected using the switch.

In general the Slow speed is used for children or small animals or for a gentle calming treatment or for conditions such as migraine, toothache or other treatments to the head.

The Fast speed is commonly used for all other conditions such as joint pain, sports injuries, deep muscle aches & pains, PMS etc.

Charging the battery. This product is fitted with a UK plug for use at 240v, for use in other countries an adapter (such as a travel adapter) may be required.

Switch the Magneton OFF.
Connect the mains charger.
Plug into the mains power.
The Red light will turn Green when charged.
Initial charging may take 9 hours.
The battery should last approx. 3 hours of use.

For best battery life discharge battery before recharging.

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