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The Magneton™ Magnetic Pulse Massager

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Magneton Pulse Massager

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Electro-magnetic pulse massager with photon-platinum infrared technology

The Magneton

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The Magneton is a hand-held portable cordless magnetic massager.

This remarkable therapy product can be used as a vibrating massager and/or as a magnetic field therapy wand with the added benefit of both electro-magnetic therapy and infra-red light therapy (photon-platinum).

The active end of the wand includes enclosed rotating magnets that generate a powerful bi-polar pulsed electro-magnetic field effective for up to 18 inches (45cm) and produces a relaxing vibrating massage effect.

'Magneton' MFT Massager




The benefits result from the magnetic fields and the vibration helps muscles relax. Using gentle sweeping strokes move the Magneton freely over the body gently touching the skin or close to the body (4"-6", 10-15cm).

The wand is effective for people and animals, including horses and dogs. It is effective through clothing, bandages and plaster casts. The Magneton should be used for around 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times daily until relief is obtained. Thereafter, it can be used intermittently for preventative treatment as required.

The device was developed to help relieve pain and hasten the repair of damaged tissue. Popular for the treatment of injuries, back-pain and arthritis in both people and animals.
Relaxing massage effect


Magnetic Field Therapy
Infra-red light therapy
Alternating magnetic fields
Non-invasive, safe to use
Hand held and portable
Rechargable (charger included)

Directions: The Magneton is hand-held and rechargable and includes a mains charger and a soft case. The unit has 2 speeds, Slow (1) and Fast (2) which are selected using the switch on the handle of the unit.

In general the slow speed is selected for young children, small animals and for a calming effect on the body such as for headaches and stress. The Slow speed may be selected for migraine, toothache and other treatments to the head. The Fast speed is generally selected for other conditions such as joint pains, sports injuries, deep muscle aches and pains, PMS etc.

Caution: The Magneton generates a strong magnetic field. The unit is completely safe for people and animals. Not suitable for use by, on or near customers fitted with any medical electronic implant such as electronic heart pacemakers, electronic insulin pumps, electronic defibrillators. Do not use near sensitive computer equipment.

This product is fitted with a UK plug for use at 240v, for use in other countries an adapter (such as a travel adapter) may be required. Please refer to the user guidelines for usage instructions.

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